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Antero Cautious and the Happiness stone 

Authors: Jukka Itkonen, Arto Halonen, Lotta Taarasti 

Antero Cautious and the Happiness stone is an enchanting full-family story about the power of imagination, the search for happiness, and above all, friendship. Julius, who is about to start school in the fall, befriends a real vampire, the wary and very unique Antero Cautious. Together, they try to create the Stone of Happiness, which would make Julius' distant parents happy again. The heartwarmingly humorous Antero Cautios and the Happiness stone will be released as a movie in theaters on October 13, 2023, directed by Arto Halonen and co-written with Jukka Itkonen. The book features lively vampire comic strip illustrations! 

Publisher: Tammi  

Publication: August 2023  

Number of pages: 128  

Age group: 7+  

Cover designer: Laura Lyytinen  

Graphic designer: Laura Lyytinen  

Cover illustration: Lotta Taarasti